Congress targets 500 crore in ‘campaign funding’ via crowdsourcing

Congress targets 500 crore in 'campaign funding' through crowdsourcing
The Rahul Gandhi-led party has set a target of collecting Rs 500 crore, which translates to Rs 5,000 from each of the 10 lakh booth committees (Picture Courtesy: Navodaya Times)

The Rahul Gandhi-led Congress has decided to collect campaign funds for the 2019 general elections through crowdsourcing by leveraging its 10 lakh booths across the country.

According to ANI, the mass campaigning for fund-collection will start on October 2 and will end on the birth anniversary of former prime minister Indira Gandhi on November 19.

The party has set a target of collecting Rs 500 crore from the activity, which translates to Rs 5,000 from each booth committee.

It has instructed all its booth committees workers to make door to door visits and collect small amounts, like Rs 5 and Rs 10, from every household. The workers are also expected to distribute campaign flyers and pamphlets.

Apart from directly benefitting from the campaign collection, the party is also hopeful that the activity will strengthen their hold and boost the morale of the grass-root level workers, who will feel more connected by making a direct contribution.

“Congress will start a campaign from October 2 to reach out to people, discuss state and national issues and collect funds. Our workers will visit every booth, talk about state issues and connect with people,” senior Congress leader Ashok Gehlot told the agency.

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