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Aamir’s Dangal earns Rs 1,000 crore in China, surpasses Baahubali 2’s box-office collection

Aamir’s Dangal earns Rs 1,000 crore in China, surpasses Baahubali 2’s box-office collection
Aamir's Dangal earns Rs 1,000 crore in China, surpasses Baahubali 2's box-office collection

The exposure to the Chinese market has allowed Dangal to surpass Baahubali 2’s box-office collection

Aamir Khan’s Dangal has created history by becoming the first Indian film to gross over Rs 1,000 crore or $154 million in China since its release on May 5.

On Wednesday, Dangal also became the 33rd film in Chinese cinema history to cross one billion RMB.

According to Maoyan, a popular ticketing website in China, Dangal’s gross earnings has crossed one billion RMB, joining the exclusive club of just 32 films in China cinema history.

“It is an unprecedented success for an Indian film and important land mark, making Dangal a super hit Indian film,” said Prasad Shetty, partner of Strategic Alliance a Chinese firm promoting Indian films in China for the past few years.

The film, which became big hit since it was released on May 5, slipped to second place at the Chinese box office Tuesday after staying at the top for over a fortnight. Hollywood film Pirates of the Caribbean 5 is at the number one position.

“It is still playing in about 9000 screens. Dangal’s success in China perhaps opens a Pandora’s Box for Indian cinema as successes in China’s box office means world’s highest revenue,” Shetty said.

China allows 34 foreign movies to release in a year, with a month long screening period. However, the Chinese government has made a rare exception for Dangal and extended its screening by another 30 days, till July 4.

According to Forbes, the extension could add an additional $22 million or Rs 143 crore to its China box office earnings.

Dangal’s China earnings have also allowed it to surpass Baahubali 2, which held the record for the highest box-office collection for an Indian film till recently.

As of writing this, Baahubali 2 stands at Rs 1,633 crore, trailing behind Dangal’s Rs 1,719 crore.

Incidentally, Baahubali 2 is also scheduled to release in China after the biopic completes its two month run. As a result, the S.S Rajamouli directorial could very well gain the upper hand if it is lapped up by the Chinese audience.

Irrespective of which one comes out on top, the exposure to the Chinese market could help either or both films attain the magic figure of Rs 2,000 crore, which was considered improbable for an Indian film until recently.

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