CBFC chief Pahalaj Nihalani sues socialite for comparing him to a bulldog

CBFC chief Pahalaj Nihalani sues socialite for comparing him to a bulldog
Pahalaj Nihalani. Image: Indian Express

Local Press Co 5-point Snippet

1. Censor Board chief Pahalaj Nihalani has been in the news quite a lot lately, first for censoring scenes from the film Udta Punjab and then the controversy surrounding the movie’s ‘censor’ copy leak.

2. Nihalani’s decision of cutting down various scenes from the movie, which later the High Court deemed ‘not necessary’, was condemned by a number of people belonging to the film fraternity.

3. Many filmmakers, actors, critics, columnist also spoke about it to the media. Among them was author-socialite Suhel Seth. In his column in a city-based tabloid, Sheth called Nihalani the ‘biggest dolt’ and a ‘bulldog having breathing issues’.

4. While Nihalani ignored most the comments made on him, he choose react on this particular one by Sheth and slapped a legal case on him. The CBFC chief said, “Under normal circumstances, I’d have ignored these comments. Who takes Suhel seriously? But my wife and family feel the gentleman has crossed the line of decency. It’s one thing for him to criticise my work and films, totally something else to make such derogatory personal remarks. Is this the freedom of speech we so want to protect and preserve in our country?”

5. Confirming the legal action against Suhel, he further added, “My lawyer is looking at the strongest possible legal action against Mr Seth. He needs to be told that there is a difference between constructive criticism which I am all for, and vilification. I am surprised the newspaper in question allowed such language to be used.”

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