India’s first Mr. Universe Manohar Aich dies at 104

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Manohar Aich 1914-2016

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1. On Sunday, renowned body-builder and India’s first Mr. Universe, Manohar Aich, died at the age of 104.

2. Aich, who began his career in 1940s as a stuntman for a then famous magician, was a bodybuilder by profession and was often referred to as ‘Pocket Hercules’ owing to his short height of 4 ft 10 inches.

3. After working as a stuntman for a few years, Aich ventured into modeling and became the first Indian to claim the Mr. Universe title in 1952, five years post India’s independence.

4. The body builder, who succumbed due to age-related complications, is survived by four kids.

5. As soon as the news of Aich’s demise broke out, many renowned personalities mourned his death and paid their respects.


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