Snapchat’s weed day selfie filter ‘Bob Marley’ backfires

Snapchat’s weed day selfie filter 'Bob Marley' backfires 1

As stoners all across the globe celebrate 420 (April 20) as ‘World Weed Day’, Snapchat’s attempt to get in on the action didn’t go down so well.

To commemorate weed day, or maybe it was just a co-incidence, Snapchat introduced a Bob Marley filter to its horde of selfie filters. When used, the filter pastes the legendary pop icon’s face upon the user’s face.

But the attempt at being a hipster backfired when the image messaging platform started receiving flak from the icon’s fans over his portrayal as a ‘weed icon’.

The general consensus was that the brand had piggybacked on Marley’s popularity as a weed smoker, while ignoring his influence as a performer.


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