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Tata Tiago and it’s tale of misfortunes

Tata Tiago and it’s tale of misfortunes
Tata Tiago and it's tale of misfortunes

A poster of the Tata Tiago featuring Lionel Messi

Misfortunes seldom come alone, and Tata Motors would certainly vouch for the fact in the case of its new hatchback – Tiago.

Ever since the company announced the launch of the car, it’s been shrouded by unfortunate events. What’s more, none of them seem to be related to the car itself!

Tata first took the wraps off the Tiago in December and the car was all set to be launched in January. But a deadly virus that broke out in the West shared its name with the erstwhile Zica moniker.

The company then decided to change its name and pushed the launch to March. For reasons best known to the company, launch was postponed again from March 28 to April 6 i.e. tomorrow.

However, 48 hours prior to its launch, footballer Lionel Messi, Tiago’s brand ambassador, was named by Parama Papers as an accused of shortchanging the government out of nearly $6.5 million in taxes by shielding his image rights in an offshore network.

If all goes as planned, Tiago will be finally be rolled out tomorrow, and Messi will face trial on tax fraud charges starting May 31.

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