Video: Underage driver runs down man with a speeding Mercedes

Video: Underage driver runs down man with a speeding Mercedes
A snapshot from the CCTV footage


A video footage of the underage driver who had ran down a man with a speeding Mercedes on Monday night in New Delhi has now surfaced.

The leaked CCTV footage of the scene shows that the injured, Siddharth Sharma, was crossing the road after looking at both sides. While he was halfway through, he saw a speeding Mercedes coming his way and tried to avoid it. But the speed at which the car was approaching left Sharma with negligible reaction time.

In the end, the car hit Sharma and he was sent flying off the road. There was no sign of the driver slowing down or trying to avoid him. Sharma was killed in the accident.

After the accident, the car came went over a pavement and stopped as it’s front tyre gave way. The accused, a 17 year old boy, was in the car with his friends celebrating the end of their Class 12 exams. They abandoned the car immediately after it stopped, but were caught.

Within 7 hours of getting caught, the boy was released on bail. Police have charged his father with ‘allowing minor to drive’. But, that too is bailable.

Sharma’s grieving father was further distraught after he learnt that the accused was let go.

CCTV footage of the accident (WARNING: Graphic video)

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