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Vijay Raaz acted in ‘Mission Tiger’ for free

Vijay Raaz acted in ‘Mission Tiger’ for free
Vijay Raaz acted in 'Mission Tiger' for free

Poster of Mission Tiger

Actor Vijay Raaz, who plays the lead in the upcoming film ‘Mission Tiger’ on saving tigers, said that he did the film without a fee as it was for a noble cause.

“One of the reasons for doing ‘Mission Tiger’ was (to promote the message of) saving tigers. I feel that not just tigers, every single animal should be saved. I feel that if man feels he has got brains and that he has evolved, then why do so many animal killings take place? In this film, at least the tiger is talked about, so I did the film and I didn’t charge anything from the producers. I did this for free of cost,” Vijay told IANS.

The actor, who has a penchant for comedy, has earlier been a part of successful films like ‘Monsoon Wedding’, ‘Dhamaal’, ‘Welcome’ and ‘Delhi Belly’.

Directed by Dipu Karunakaran, ‘Mission Tiger’ highlights the issues around poaching and hunting of tigers.

“For me it is important that on my level whatever I can do, I do that. Being a citizen and being a human, I can at least think that I won’t eat meat and I won’t buy meat. I can at least give my own contribution to this cause,” he said.

The movie is releasing on International Tiger Day, which falls on July 29.

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