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World’s first sex theme park to pop up in Brazil

World’s first sex theme park to pop up in Brazil
World's first sex theme park to pop up in Brazil

Erotikaland will be the world’s first sex theme park

Local Press Co 5-point Snippet

1. Brazil is set to be home to the world’s first sex themed amusement park. This adult-only establishment called ‘Erotikaland’ will be located near Piracicaba, which is a mere two hour drive away from the city of Sao Paulo.

2. The park will charge an entry fee of $100 (Rs. 6700) for visitors for the steamy atmosphere it aims to create with its various attractions including bumper cars shaped like genitalia, ‘7D’ cinema with vibrating seats, a ‘train of pleasure’ staffed by gogo girls and boys and a nudist pool.

3. Although Erotikaland’s theme is seduction and sex, intercourse inside the park will be prohibited. The recreation facility will house motels for visitors who wish to get intimate. The park’s objective is to promote safe sex.

4. Also, the project will create 250 jobs in the area as well as boost tourism.

5. While many have supported the idea of Erotikaland, several religious groups have opposed it. Moreover, it has also sparked a general debate in Brazil over public displays of sexuality.

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