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Some of Mumbai’s best Irani Cafes

Some of Mumbai’s best Irani Cafes


Some of Mumbai's best Irani Cafes

Kyani & Co. Image Courtesy: Aljazeera

We all know of the calming effects of Bun Maska and Chai on a rainy day in Mumbai, or the pure relief one experiences on escaping from the sweltering heat of a summer afternoon to a chilled bottle of Raspberry Soda and a quick bite. Of course, we cannot ignore how mouths water at the mention of breakfast or brunch at some of the oldest Irani Cafes in town. Easy on the pocket, these cafes, by having retained their original spirit and look take us back in time with every visit.

Kyani and Co. that has been around for over a 100 years, having been established in 1904 is a true legend. Located opposite Metro cinema, Marine Lines this old Iranian cafe serves some of the best breakfast with their ultra-famous ‘Akoori’ and ‘Keema Pav.’

Britannia and Co. situated in Fort, is considered the most iconic of Parsi joints in Mumbai, proof of which lies in the winding queues that line up on weekends. One is transported to another era as soon as they step into this establishment. Their Mutton Berry Pulao, Sali Boti and Fish Patra are saluted by regular patrons.

Another one that has survived the test of time for over a century now is the Sassanian Restaurant, located at Marine Lines. Originally devised to be a bakery, it now makes customers swoon over their Chicken Dhansak as well.

With their delicious mawa cake along with other baked goods, B. Merwan and Co. is a cafe located in Grant Road that has been in existence since 1914.

Ideal Corner, with their wide array of Parsi dishes to choose from, Yazdani Bakery and Restaurant, an easy-to-miss joint on Cawasji Patel Road and Cafe Military with their caramel custard are some other cafes that have existed since the early to mid 1900s and have risen to popularity due to the variety of baked goods they offer for sale.

Originally contributed by Ananya S.

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