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WTF: McDonald statue arrested for hindering traffic

WTF: McDonald statue arrested for hindering traffic
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The statue being taken away

The signature yellow with red and white striped clown mascot’s statue is a must for every Mcdonalds store. For one outlet in China though, not so much anymore.

The store in Huadu district’s Longzhu Street was warned multiple times by authorities to remove the figure because outdoor advertising on sidewalks is illegal in the district.

The store paid no heed to these warnings and hence police officers showed up to the scene, dismantled the statue-sans its red shoes – and took it away on Sunday.

Officials have said that the store can have the statue back when they admit their violations and accept punishment for it.

The hilarious feat also left people passing by befuddled and we bet the Ronald Macdonald statue wasn’t lovin’ it either.

Watch it here:

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