Amitabh pulls up Mumbai Mirror for their ‘not taking selfie with fan’ image

Amitabh pulls up Mumbai Mirror for their 'not taking selfie with fan' image
Screenshot of Amitabh Bachchan Twitter handle.

With 22 million followers on micro-blogging platform, Amitabh Bachchan is a force to reckon with on Twitter. Something a leading tabloid learn the hard way today.

On Wednesday, Mumbai Mirror carried an image of the 73-year-old actor, claiming how he avoided taking a selfie with a fan. The daily captioned the image of Sr. Bachchan walking away from the fan: “STRAY PLEA : A fan’s request to Amitabh Bachchan for a selfie at a studio in Mumbai did not yield any positive result.”

Unfortunately, what the daily’s lensman missed was the fact that the legendary actor was simply in a rush to change his costume and he later returned to click a selfie with the same ‘stray’ fan.

Bachchan seemed so miffed with the daily that he actually pulled up a picture from the paper and shared the selfie he had clicked with the fan. Needless to say, the actor’s followers were quick to respond with a barrage of encouraging messages, likes and retweets.

When a fan asked the actor why he felt like he needed to justify his actions to Mirror, the actor responded by saying, “Because I want to” and “Sometimes you must”.

Guess that summarizes everything the actor wanted to say in a nutshell.

As for the fans, their reactions ranged from “@SrBachchan shown mirror to Mumbai mirror” to “Mirror Mirror on the Wall. See the Selfie it proves it all”.

Earlier this week, Mumbai Mirror was also embroiled in another controversy when it published an article wherein the reporter chose to go with a rather ‘sensational’ headline for the interview with coach Pullela Gopichand’s wife P.V.V Lakshmi.


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