Kalki was told to do ‘regular acting’, Naseeruddin wants to reveal Bollywood’s best kept secrets

Kalki was told to do 'regular acting', Naseeruddin wants to reveal Bollywood's best kept secrets
Naseeruddin and Kalki

Local Press Co 5-point Snippet

1. National Award winning actors Kalki Koechlin and Naseeruddin Shah’s recent release, ‘Waiting’, has been lauded by movie critics and audiences alike.

2. In a post movie release interview with NDTV, both Kalki and Naseeruddin shared some interesting tidbits about their Bollywood journey and future plans.

3. While talking about the industry, Kalki said if there is one thing she would like to change in Bollywood, it would be its ‘mediocrity’. The actress claimed that there have been times when directors have asked her to do just ‘regular acting’. Kalki’s exact quote was, “I have been told to do just regular acting and not intimidate people”. On a lighter note, however, the ‘Dev D’ actress said that she is really keen on doing an item number in the near future.

4. The veteran actor, on the other hand, appreciated Kalki’s approach to acting and rubbished the norm of ‘gender equality’ in Bollywood by stating, “There is no gender equality. It’s solely the hero’s domain and he is not going to champion the cause of the heroine. It’s a while to gender parity”.

5. The actor also said that he is soon going to start writing a book in which he will spill some of ‘Bollywood’s best kept secrets’.

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