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After Salman, Aamir says something he might regret

After Salman, Aamir says something he might regret
After Salman, Aamir says something he might regret


In the wake of the outrage over Salman’s ‘rape’ comment, every Bollywood celebrity is doing their best to ensure they don’t inadvertently end up saying something in public that they might regret later.

The last person one would expect to say something politically incorrect would be Bollywood’s perfectionist Aamir Khan. But the actor recently had one such moment while he was unveiling the new poster of his upcoming film ‘Dangal’.

At the poster launch today, when Aamir was questioned on Salman Khan’s stardom, he responded by saying, “When Salman Khan enters the room, it feels that a star has entered. When I enter, it feels as if a waiter has entered.”

The actor quickly realised his folly and tried to salvage the situation by adding, “Oh I shouldn’t have said that. Waiters work hard”. He further added, “When I see Salman or Shah Rukh enter a room aisa lagta hai a star has entered,I don’t have that quality.”

The actor, who has been a successful actor for the better part of two decades, also acknowledged that other actors like Amitabh Bachchan, Ajay Devgn, Ranbir Kapoor and Ranveer Singh are bigger stars than him.

Recently, both Aamir and Shah Rukh Khan were asked to comment on Salman’s ‘rape’ remark. While SRK responded by saying, “I have made so many inappropriate comments myself. I don’t think I am someone to sit in judgement for anybody else’s comment”, Aamir had admitted that, “What Salman Khan said as per media reports was unfortunate and insensitive.”

While Aamir’s ‘waiter’ remark might just go unnoticed, this definitely won’t be the first time his statement has stroked controversy. Back in 2015, the actor had faced an outrage over his ‘intolerance’ and ‘leaving India’ remarks.

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