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Sasural Simar Ka actress claims her show is like the ‘Vampire Diaries’

Sasural Simar Ka actress claims her show is like the ‘Vampire Diaries’
Sasural Simar Ka actress claims her show is like the 'Vampire Diaries' 1

Pictured: Dipika Kakar who plays Simar on Sasural Simar Ka

Local Press Co 5-point Snippet

1. Sasural Simar Ka, a daily soap that has now gained recognition for reproducing concepts from other shows and films, always manages to stay in the limelight for its bizarre twists and turns.

2. Earlier, in April, the show had blatantly copied from epic fantasy series Game of Thrones, when the ‘House of Faces’ from the HBO series was introduced as ‘Cheheron Ka Ghar’ on Indian family drama.

3. Later, the show’s writers took inspiration from Indian material, namely from SS Rajamouli’s film Makkhi, and turned their lead protagonist, Simar, into a housefly.

4. While many have ridiculed the show’s plotlines on social media, the show’s lead actress Dipika Kakar has come out in defense of her show and its bizarre twists. In an interview, she claimed that her show was as good as popular American series ‘The Vampire Diaries’.

5. According to Kakar,”Fictitious characters like that of a ‘daayan’ or a ‘fly’ are just a manifestation of Simar’s character being portrayed in an interesting manner at different instances to enhance the entertainment value… Even internationally, there have been shows like ‘Vampire Dairies’ and ‘Werewolf’, showcasing concepts that do not exist in real life, and yet they are hugely appreciated and accepted by global audiences… Our show delves deep into the world of fantasy and folklore. Tales of good triumphing over evil and stories of adventures have always been the bedrock of all our bedtime stories. By introducing supernatural elements or characters in the show, it gives the audience a chance to relive their childhood memories.”

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