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Actor siblings get robbed by thief siblings

Actor siblings get robbed by thief siblings 1

Local Press Co 5-point Snippet

1. Tridev Actor Tej Sapru and his sister Priti were robbed of valuables and cash of around Rs. 3 lakhs by their hired help – Vijay and his brother Ajay Parida.

2. Nazrana actress Priti’s search for hired help ended when she employed Vijay Parida in December. Vijay slowly gained her trust and when her brother Tej wanted to hire a servant she asked Vijay, he recommended his younger brother Ajay for the job.

3. When the brothers got to know that both Priti and Tej were actors, they became greedy and decided to loot them. The Parida brothers found an opportune moment in the last week of April when both the actors were away for a day with their families. The duo robbed their respective owner’s houses that night.

4. After realising that they had been robbed, Priti registered her FIR at Amboli police station while Tej registered his FIR at Versova police station.

5. As a part of the investigation, the police are sending a team to the village in West Bengal where the thieves hail from.

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