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Chembur’s Vivekanand college recycles 100 kg waste everyday!

Chembur's Vivekanand college recycles 100 kg waste everyday!

Vivekanand College

The Deonar landfill fire has brought the hazardous environmental effects of dumping waste to the forefront of public debate once again. But, while citizens and authorities ponder over the solution, a Chembur college not far from the dumping ground is doing it’s bit to create a positive impact on the environment.

The campuses of the Vivekanand Education Society (VES) in Chembur have a distinction of being the first educational institutions in the city to recycle wet, dry and electronic waste. The achievement was recognized by none other than the city’s civic body.

The college, which produces an average of 100 kg waste everyday, uses 70% of the biodegradable waste for composting and sends the remaining to NGO Shri Mukhti Sanghatna for recycling. The campus also recycles all the wet waste within its premises thereby making it a zero waste campus.

Chembur's Vivekanand college recycles 100 kg waste everyday! 1

Picture Courtesy: Hindustan Times

The ‘zero waste’ project was started by the college with a mere investment of Rs. 18,000. That investment has led to the production of over 3000 kgs of organic manure. In addition to the initial investment, the college sells electronic waste to scrap dealers and uses the amount to continue funding the project.

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