Dahisar police arrests auto driver for selling ‘desi katta’

Dahisar police arrests auto driver for selling ‘desi katta’ 1
Photo courtesy: Mumbai Mirror

The Dahisar Police have arrested an auto-rickshaw driver from Mira Road who for trying to sell a country-made handgun, also known as desi katta, that he brought from his hometown in Uttar Pradesh.

Identified as Jakeel Khan, the 20-year-old accused started working as a driver a few years ago. However, the idea of making easy money by selling handguns from Uttar Pradesh was instilled in his mind by an acquaintance.

Khan liked the idea and when he went back home recently, he bought a country-made handgun for Rs 2,000. Seeking a potential buyer, he started spreading word about the handgun among his friends.

However, word reached a police informer who immediately tipped off a police official. The police laid a trap and sent a decoy customer to Dahisar who contacted Khan.

He was nabbed during this meeting, and a handgun was recovered from him.

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