Trupti Desai couldn’t even get out of her car at Haji Ali dargah

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Activist Trupti Desai tried to get into the Haji Ali dargah

Activist Trupti Desai’s efforts to enter the Haji Ali dargah were foiled by policemen and locals last evening. When Desai arrived at the dargah, her car was surrounded by groups protesting her presence.

They banged angrily on the car’s doors, hood, and windshield, and shouted slogans against her. To ensure that the situation doesn’t turn volatile, she was asked by the police to leave the site. However, she returned to the dargah an hour later and sat on the road outside demanding to be allowed to go in.

An hour later, she softened her stance, asking to only be allowed into the revered dargah to offer prayers. The police didn’t want to take any chance, and hence refused to comply following which she proceeded to CM Devendra Fadnavis’s home, saying she’d hold a dharna there until he agreed to meet her.

However, she was detained by the police on her way to CM’s official residence and was taken to Azad Maidan police station.

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