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Nagpada youth kills aunt over Rs 20,000, cops nail him in 24 hours

Nagpada youth kills aunt over Rs 20,000, cops nail him in 24 hours
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A Nagpada youth was arrested by police on Monday on suspicion of murdering his aunt over a sum of Rs. 20,000.

38-year-old Mafarunissa Abdul Chaudhary, a resident of a chawl in Kamathipura, had lent Rs 20,000 to her nephew a few years back when he had arrived in the city. Now that she was in dire need of money for her tuberculosis treatment, she asked her nephew to return the money.

The nephew, identified as Mohammed Javed (Sonu), failed to return the money despite her constant follow ups. On Monday, he visited her aunt at her house and got into an altercation that ended with him slitting her throat and running away.

Mafarunissa’s body was found by her 8-year-old daughter who arrived home to find her mother in a pool of blood. She informed the neighbours who then called the cops. When cops arrived, she informed the cops that the last person to visit her was Sonu.

Nagpada police immediately traced Sonu to the garment shop where he worked and took him into custody on suspicion. Upon questioning him, Sonu said that he had gone to meet her aunt to return the money. He claimed that someone else might have visited her after him with the intention of robbing her.

The investigation officer didn’t trust Sonu’s story and persisted with the investigation. He eventually managed to trick Sonu into revealing facts that contradicted his earlier statement. In the end, Sonu gave up and confessed to committing the crime.

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