Over 100 undelivered electricity bills found in Nalasopara thrash

Over 100 undelivered electricity bills found in Nalasopara thrash
Representational image. Courtesy: The Hindu

Local Press Co 5-point Snippet

1. On Sunday, an autorickshaw driver found over 100 electricity bills of the Maharashtra State Electricity Board (MSEB) inside a garbage bin at Nalasopara.

2. During the afternoon, the driver had taken a halt at Sriprastha petrol pump for fuel. While waiting in the queue, he left his auto to answer nature’s call and stumbled upon hundreds of sealed and undelivered electricity bills in a garbage bin near the premises.

3. Upon finding the bills, he immediately alerted S R Khan, a member of the local hawkers’ association. When Khan checked the bills, he found that the bills were of May itself and carried a due date of June 1. Khan told Asian Age, “All the bills had the consumer number 0015 series and included bills of the Vasai Virar Municipal Corporation Head Office at Virar, Virar police, Virar branch of the Thane District Cooperative Bank and other institutions.”

4. While blaming the distribution contractor for the negligence, Khan further added, “The MSEB pays 50 paise per bill distributed to the contractor to ensure that the consumer gets the bill and pays the bill in time.”

5. Later, Khan complained to an MSEB official and sent the bill copies for reference. On behalf of MSEB, the official stated that they are investigating the issue and will take action against the contractor if he is found guilty of wrongdoing.

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