3-day-old infant tests positive for coronavirus in Chembur; is India’s youngest COVID-19 patient

3-day-old infant tests positive for coronavirus in Chembur; is India's youngest COVID-19 patient
According to the father, the baby and mother got infected after Sai Hospital staff admitted a COVID-19 positive patient in their room (Main Image Representational, Courtesy: tirto.id)

In a shocking incident, a three-day-old baby boy and his 26-year-old mother have tested positive for coronavirus in Mumbai’s Chembur area.

The mother delivered the healthy baby on March 26 in Chembur’s Sai Hospital. At the time, they were in a private room with no other patient.

Later, a second patient was admitted to the same room, who had reportedly tested positive for COVID-19.

The baby’s father, Vicky Singh, has alleged that the hospital’s staff acted irresponsibly by not informing them that the other patient had been tested for coronavirus.

In a video, Vicky has alleged that doctors asked him to vacate the room citing a BMC order despite the fact that his wife had just given birth.

“A doctor later called me to inform that they (wife and child) might have been infected due to another patient and that no doctor or staff could tend to them due to the possible infection,” he said in the self-shot video.

“To get my wife, my baby and myself checked, I spent Rs 13,500 from my own pocket. Although the doctors were forcing me to vacate the room, I told them that I will not move till I get the results,” he added.

After the results came out positive, Vicky was told to settle the hospital’s bill before leaving. After he complied, all three were shifted to Kasturba Hospital.

“Although we are getting good treatment at Kasturba Hospital, I just want my child to get the best possible treatment. I am begging Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray to please look after my child,” he said in the video.

Meanwhile, Sai Hospital has been completely sealed and civic officials have launched a sanitation drive to mitigate the spread of coronavirus.

Maharashtra is one of the states worst hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, with 340 confirmed cases and at least 13 deaths. The latest victim was a 56-year-old from Dharavi with pre-existing medical conditions but no foreign travel history.

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