Air India leaves 200 passengers stranded at Mumbai airport for an entire day

Air India forces 200 passengers to wait at Mumbai airport for a day
Picture Courtesy: Soubhik Mitra

Local Press Co 5-point Snippet

1. Around 200 passengers were left stranded and enraged after a Mumbai-Bangkok Air India flight got delayed by almost an entire day due to a technical snag.

2. Air India flight 330 was initially supposed to take off at 1:50 am on Saturday, however it was rescheduled to 10 am after the airlines detected a technical problem with the plane. But, the airlines further delayed the flight to 7:30 pm, before finally taking off post 12 am on Sunday.

3. Passengers had already boarded the plane when the flight when the problem was detected. But, since the time of departure was not certain, they were forced to wait at the airport itself.

4. Many of the passengers complained that they were first made to wait inside the plane for over an hour without any light or air-conditioning. Later, after they were offloaded, the airlines failed to provide them with hotel accommodation or book them on an alternate flight.

5. While some chose to ditch the AI flight and booked themselves on another flight themselves, a majority were forced to wait and sleep on the airport’s benches. When contacted, Air India official confirmed that the flight’s delay was owing to a technical snag, but failed to address why the passengers were left stranded.

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