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After Air India and Vistara, Indigo hikes cancellation fees

After Air India and Vistara, Indigo hikes cancellation fees

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With the onset of new financial year, flying is set to become a tad bit more expensive for those who end up canceling tickets frequently.

Low-cost carrier Indigo will start applying new cancellation charges from today wherein the airline will charge a flat cancellation fee of Rs 2,250 for domestic tickets cancelled up to two hours before departure and Rs 2,500 for international tickets cancelled up to four hours before departure.

Indigo earlier charged Rs 2,250 for domestic passengers who cancelled their booking 2 to 48 hours before departure and Rs 1,250 from those who cancelled 30 or more days in advance. International ticket cancellations were charged Rs 2,500 when cancelled four hours to seven days before departure.

Other airlines like Vistara and Air India had also hiked their cancellation fees in March and February this year, respectively.

In addition to the cancellation fee, the development fee charged by Mumbai airport will also be increased from Rs 100 to Rs 120 for domestic passengers and from Rs 600 to Rs 750 for international passengers from April 1.

With summers being the favored season for group travellers, the hiked cancellation and development fees may render cancellations an altogether expensive affair.

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