Anirban Blah of KWAN Entertainment attempts suicide at Vashi bridge over #MeToo allegations

Anirban Blah of KWAN Entertainment attempts suicide at Vashi bridge over #MeToo allegations
Anirban was given counselling and later handed over to relatives by Vashi police (Picture Courtesy: Livemint)

Anirban Blah, the co-founder of celebrity management agency KWAN Entertainment, tried to commit suicide at Vashi Bridge during the wee hours of Friday in wake of the recent sexual harassment allegations levelled against him by several women.

The entrepreneur was rescued Vashi Traffic police, who were tipped off about his suicide attempt. The officials found him on old Vashi bridge, where he allegedly tried to end his life around 12:30 am today.

Anirban, who runs KWAN Entertainment – one of the biggest celebrity management agencies in the country – was recently asked to step down from his role after several women came forward and accused him of sexual harassment.

Vashi traffic police were tipped off about the suicide attempt earlier in the day.

“We had information about an individual coming towards Vashi bridge to commit suicide. We couldn’t take chance and we laid a trap there in dark,” a senior police inspector from Vashi traffic told The Hindu.

The officials caught Anirban while he was climbing on the barricade of the bridge and forced him to step back.

“He was crying. He seemed very frustrated and depressed. We took him to the police chowky, offered him water and asked his problem to which he said that he was frustrated with the #MeToo allegations on him,” the official said.

“He was depressed due to the defamation he and his family faced. He along with nine other partners had founded KWAN and after four girls alleged him of harassment in #MeToo campaign, he was asked to resign,” he added.

The cops alerted Anirban’s wife about his whereabouts and subsequently handed him over to Vashi police.

An official from Vashi police station confirmed that while Anirban was not booked for the suicide attempt, he was given counselling and handed over to his relatives around 3 am.

Anirban was recently accused of sexual harassment by at least four women, which led to his ouster from the company.

His company, KWAN Entertainment, manages several prominent Bollywood celebrities like Hrithik Roshan, Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Tiger Shroff, Sonam Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor, Jacqueline Fernandez among others.

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