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Bandra resident duped of over Rs 2 crore by US army soldier

Bandra resident duped of over Rs 2 crore by US army soldier
Bandra resident duped of over Rs 2 crore by US army soldier

Vinod Ghuwalewala (Facebook)

Local Press Co 5-point Snippet

1. 72-year-old Vinod Ghuwalewala filed a complaint at Bandra police station against an unidentified man and a woman for allegedly duping him to the tune of Rs 1.97 crore.

2. According to the police, Ghuwalewala had become friends with a man named Rayon John, who claimed to be a US army solider, on Facebook. The two even exchanged their numbers to discuss some business investments. John had told Ghuwalewala that he wanted to invest in some business in India and needed his help.

3. While talking to Mid-Day about the case, an officer was quoted saying, “John said that he could invest up to $500,000 (Rs 3.32 crore) if Ghuwalewala becomes his business partner. After Ghuwalewala agreed, he was sent a certificate of fund deposit authorised by US Army Corp and the same was sent to the Delhi branch of a nationalised bank. He then got a call from a woman, claiming to be an executive with that bank confirming the receipt of the certificate copy and informed Ghuwalewala that it has also been mailed to him from the bank’s official ID.”

4. By this time, John was successful in gaining Ghuwalewala’s trust through the documents. Later, the woman asked him to open an account in the bank to get access to the money deposited by John. “Ghuwalewala was asked to deposit nearly Rs 1.97 crore (the sum can be bigger, claims police) in ten accounts opened in different banks, all based in Delhi. After the money was deposited, the elderly was sent an ATM card for withdrawing the money”, the officer added.

5. However, when Ghuwalewala tried to withdraw the money, he was unable to. Because the card was non-functional, he called for a replacement card. But, to no avail. That’s when he realised that he had been cheated and approached the Bandra police to file a complaint. Cops have registered an FIR against the woman and John under relevant sections of the IPC, while the cyber-crime cell is investigating the matter.

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