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Bar Bar: Mumbai’s first ‘wholesale’ bar coming up in Phoenix Marketcity, Kurla

Bar Bar: Mumbai’s first ‘wholesale’ bar coming up in Phoenix Marketcity, Kurla
Bar Bar: Mumbai's first 'wholesale' bar coming up in Phoenix Marketcity, Kurla

Picture Courtesy: Aparijit P

If you live in Mumbai, you will seldom fall short of watering holes. The city is home to thousands, ranging from exquisite to ‘itne main itna hi’.

While we’ve seen plenty of new and uber cool concept restaurants come up over the years, not one tried to address Mumbai’s biggest problem – the expensive alcohol.

Don’t get us wrong. There’s no shortage of pocket-friendly local bars and restaurants in the city, which are an excellent choice after a hard day at work, but one seldom wants to pay them a visit on weekends with friends or a date.

To solve Mumbai’s expensive liquor problem, a concept bar from Pune ‘Bar Bar’ is opening an outlet in the city. But before you think they’re just another place that’s going to sell ‘relatively’ cheaper alcohol, it’s imperative that you know they do it by following a ‘drink more pay less’ policy.

The restaurant works on a wholesale concept, wherein the more you order, the lesser you pay. Liquor is divided into three categories – Popular, Premium and Luxury, and each has a standardized rate if you call for 3 drinks, 6 drinks or 12 drinks. The more you order, the cheaper the deal.

For example, a drink under the Popular category (which includes Smirnoff, Teachers, Bacardi etc) will cost Rs 180 for a single drink. But the cost will come down to Rs 160 if you order 3 drinks and Rs 140 if you order 6. And if you want to get the best deal, just order 12, each of those will set you back an almost forgivable Rs 99.

Similarly, if you order 12, your prices for Premium (Johnny Walker, Absolut) will go as low as Rs 175 per drink and Luxury (Jack Daniels, Grey Goose) can drop down to Rs 325 per drink.

As far as food is concerned, the restaurant serves finger food and north Indian cuisine.

On Mondays, the Pune outlet even sells drinks at ‘Maximum Wholesale Price’, implying that every drink you order is served to you at the maximum discounted rate.

Mumbai’s Bar Bar will be second restaurant of the chain, which launched in Pune four months back. The restaurant is owned and managed by Bellona Hospitality, the company behind popular restaurants like Craft, Amaya and Sichuan House.

Bar Bar is located on the first floor of Phoenix Market City in Kurla and set to open on July 30.

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