Will deploy 100 member ‘Delta Force’ to curb accidents on Mumbai-Pune expressway, says Sena

Will deploy 100 member 'Delta Force' to curb accidents on Mumbai-Pune expressway, says Sena
A bus accident on the Mumbai-Pune expressway that had resulted in the death of 17 passengers

On Wednesday, a day after six engineering students from Pune were killed when their car overturned on the Mumbai-Pune expressway, political party Shiv Sena said the government will form a 100 member ‘Delta Force’ to check accidents due to overspeeding.

“The accident that killed the youths on the Mumbai-Pune expressway was tragic. The condition of the car they were travelling in proves they were driving at an unimaginable speed,” Sena said in an editorial in ‘Saamana’.

“Road and road transport safety is basic responsibility of the government machinery and it is doing all that it can to prevent accidents. Last year, there were incidents of landslides on the loose rocks for which various measures were taken,” it added.

“Along with the police, which are constantly present there, a Delta force of 100 people will soon be put in place to ensure rules are being followed by travellers,” it said.

The party said an intelligent traffic management system has been put in place at the expressway, which will allow monitoring of crucial aspects like overspeeding, lane cutting and night vision.

Six boys in their 20s were killed during the wee hours of Tuesday when their car overturned on the Mumbai-Pune expressway. The car was allegedly being driven at high speed, when the driver lost control of the vehicle and rammed into another car, causing it to topple and fall in a quarry 200 feet below.

All the deceased were engineering students from Pune, who were on their way back to the city when the incident occurred around 3 am.

The Mumbai-Pune expressway has witnessed around 14,500 accidents since it’s construction in 2002, making it one of the most accident-prone highways in the country.

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