BKC police on the lookout for rickshaw owner who killed driver for denting his auto

BKC police on the lookout for rickshaw owner who killed driver for denting his auto
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BKC police on Saturday arrested two individuals in connection with the murder of an autorickshaw driver last week. The driver, who would rent the three-wheeler on a daily basis, was allegedly killed by the rickshaw’s owner after he found out that the vehicle had been damaged in a mishap.

On September 6, police found the body of a man washed up on the shore of Mithi river. The deceased, Ravishankar Yadav, was identified with the help of the auto badge, which he had on him at the time of death.

While investigating his death, police found out that the 32-year-old would rent his autorickshaw from Baba Thakur on a daily rent-basis, a common practise in the city where a majority of drivers rent rickshaws instead of owning them.

According to reports, BKC police later received a tipoff from a witness who claimed that he had seen two people thrashing Yadav. Upon probing further, they learnt that the victim had been assaulted by Thakur along with two other rickshaw drivers, Shivakash Verma and Anil Kumar Singh.

When the drivers were taken into custody, they confessed that they had assaulted Yadav with an iron rod on the behest of Thakur. They also revealed that Yadav had dented the rented auto during a minor mishap because of which Thakur was furious with him.

Thakur had gathered the drivers with the intention of teaching him a lesson, but ended up killing him. While the drivers have been arrested for murder, police are still on the lookout for Thakur who is currently absconding.

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