Coach fired, booked for forcing class VI student to do 200 sit-ups as ‘punishment’

Coach fired, booked for forcing class VI student to do 200 sit-ups as 'punishment'
The martial arts coach forced the 12-year-old student to do sit-ups as punishment for misbehaving in class (Representational Image, Courtesy: IBTimes India)

A 12-year-old student had to be admitted to a hospital after the martial arts coach of his school in Nalasopara forced him to do 200 sit-ups as ‘punishment’.

According to reports, the incident took place on Friday when Class VI students of St.Willibrord Innovative School were waiting for their Karate class.

When the coach, Mani Chaudhary, arrived in class, he noticed that some of them were misbehaving and creating a ruckus. He pulled seven of them and took them to the terrace, where they were forced to do sit-ups.

While some were asked to stop earlier, one of the boys was forced to do 200 sit-ups.

When the student reached home, he developed severe knee pain and fever. His parents took him to a local doctor, who treated him for fever.

However, as the pain did not subside over the next two days, he was eventually taken to Rakiya Hospital in Nalasopara (West), where he was admitted for muscle breakdown.

The parents, meanwhile, notified school authorities and later filed a complaint against the coach at Tulinj police station.

Chaudhary was subsequently booked under section 75 (cruelty to child) of the Juvenile Justice Act, 2015. But no arrest has been made till now.

Following the incident, the school’s management clarified that Chaudhary was hired on contract and was not part of their staff. Further, after the matter was brought to their notice, his contract was terminated.

The school has also reportedly deposited some funds with the hospital towards the child’s treatment and agreed to cover the necessary medical costs.

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