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Despite 3% decline in number of deaths, 8 people died on Mumbai’s rail network everyday in 2016

Despite 3% decline in number of deaths, 8 people died on Mumbai’s rail network everyday in 2016
Despite 3% decline in number of deaths, 8 people died on Mumbai's rail network everyday in 2016 1

Representational Image. Picture Courtesy: Ravi Mowgli

Apart from a slight decline in the number of deaths on rail tracks, there was little respite for the Mumbai’s 75 lakh plus daily commuters in 2016 as eight people still died on average in the city due to train related incidents everyday.

The data, for both Western and Central Railway, was obtained via a Right to Information application by activist Sameer Jhaveri, who had sought information on the number as well as cause of deaths and injuries on the city’s suburban network.

The complete breakup of the data is given below:

Number of deaths and injuries in 2016 and 2015:


While the number of deaths reduced by 3 percent in 2016, the number of injuries increased by less than 1 percent.

Despite the decline in number of deaths, at least eight people died on average in Mumbai due to rail related incidents everyday.

Breakup of deaths and injuries on Western and Central lines:

Central Railway2,114 1,856
Western Railway1,0881,507

The Central line, which is almost double the length of Western line, saw nearly twice as many casualties. In comparison, CR saw only 20 percent more injuries than WR.

Leading causes of death and injuries in 2016:

Leading causes of deathCountLeading causes of injuriesCount
Crossing tracks1,798Falling from train1,498
Falling from train657Accidental671
Natural death524Crossing tracks379
Suicides35Hitting poles85
Electric shock34Electric shock36

Maximum commuters lost their lives due to crossing tracks, while most were injured after falling from trains.

Stations that saw maximum deaths on Western, Central and Harbour lines in 2016:

Maximum deaths on Western lineCountMaximum deaths on Central lineCountMaximum deaths on Harbour lineCount
Borivali63Kurla81Jui Nagar29

Most people died at Goregaon (84) on Western line, Thane (129) on Central line and Mankhurd (37) on Harbour line. Thane saw most deaths across all lines.

Stations that saw maximum injuries on Western, Central and Harbour lines in 2016:

Maximum injuries on Western lineCountMaximum injuries on Central lineCountMaximum injuries on Harbour lineCount
Andheri159Kalyan 147Wadala34
Vasai91Dombivli 70Govandi23

Most people were injured at Andheri (159) on Western line, Kalyan (147) on Central line and Wadala (34) on Harbour line. Andheri saw most injuries across all lines.

The statistics indicate that despite railway’s best efforts, which include everything from fining offenders to creating awareness, a drastic change in the number of casualties seems unlikely in the near future.

According to Jhaveri, who filed the RTI, decongesting the lines has to be the first step. It is high time that the railways increased the number of coaches and add new lines, he stated.

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