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Diva station to get two new tracks by October

Diva station to get two new tracks by October
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1. During Wednesday’s press conference, Central Railway authorities made a few pivotal announcements regarding Diva station on Mumbai’s Central line.

2. Authorities announced that Diva station will soon be included as one of the halts for fast trains running on the Central line. Currently, the fast train only halts at Dombivli and Kalyan after crossing Thane.

3. In addition, Diva station, which currently has two platforms with four railway tracks in total, is set to get two additional tracks.

4. Going forward, the two new tracks on the station will facilitate the running of mail trains while the previous four tracks will be dedicated to the suburban trains.

5. The decision to include a halt and add new platforms was announced after scrutinizing the everyday commuter rush on the station, which has increased considerably over the last few years. Authorities are aiming at finishing the construction of platforms by October.

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