Dombivali Blast: Only 12 cops employed to inspect 3000 Kalyan factories

Dombivali Blast: Only 12 cops employed to inspect 3000 Kalyan factories
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Local Press Co 5-point Snippet

1. After the Dombivli chemical factory blast on Thursday, it has come to light that there are only 12 inspectors stationed to examine over 3,000 factories operating in six MIDC areas of Kalyan zone including Dombivli, Shahapur, Bhiwandi, Badlapur, Ambernath and Murbad.

2. According to a top official, most companies in the area either manufacture chemicals or make the use of various chemicals to produce their products. While the directive issued by the government mandates that a factory inspector has to examine 500 units a year and ensure that the company follows the safety norms, it becomes impossible for the inspectors to examine each factory due to the shortage of staff. Moreover, there are times when cops take 2-3 days just to inspect one factory falling under the category of large scale industries.

3. While speaking to TOI, a top official from the Industrial Safety and Health Department of Kalyan division also said, “Since the last few years, we have been asking the government to increase our staff strength to no avail.”

4. City’s environmentalists are of the opinion that staff shortage is one of the primary reason for the rise in number of fires, explosions in the area due to chemical leakages and many other hazards.

5. Meanwhile, the MIDC residents have demanded that the chemical units be shifted out of Dombivli city or expect a Bhopal-like tragedy in near future.

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