Drink & drive to get your name featured on the wall of shame

Drink & drive to get your name featured on the wall of shame
Picture Courtesy: Hindustan Times


The traffic police has now made it very clear – If you are caught driving under the influence of alcohol, the traffic police will publicly shame you by publishing your name on its website.

The declaration was made by Maharashtra director general of police Pravin Dixit.

“Drunk drivers need to be publicly shamed to make them realize the gravity of their actions,” Dixit said, pointing to the danger posed to other road users by an inebriated driver.

“Nobody wants to be on such a list. We hope that the fear of their names being listed on a public platform for committing a crime would put pressure on at least some and they would desist from driving under the influence of alcohol. While drinking is permissible, driving afterwards is not, as it puts at risk not only the driver but also other road users,” he said.

The public shaming initiative has also got a thumbs-up from activists, who have suggested that besides uploading the offenders’ names on traffic portals, the police can post their details with pictures on on social networking platforms and posters too.

The traffic police will start this ‘shaming’ initiative from April 2016.


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