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Driver forces woman to get down from his auto as she was ‘too fat’

Driver forces woman to get down from his auto as she was ‘too fat’
Driver forces woman to get down from his auto as she was 'too fat'

Left: Asmi Shah, Right: The number of auto Shah was travelling in

In a strange incident, an auto driver forced a 30-year-old woman to get off half-way to her office telling her that she was slowing down his auto as she was ‘too fat’.

The incident happened at Santacruz last week when Asmi Shah, boarded an auto from near her building to go to her office.

The driver started the auto and asked Asmi to sit in the middle of the seat instead of the corner to which she readily obliged. As she had to pick up her mother on the way, she asked the driver to stop at a point.

“He then asked me if the person who I was picking up was as fat as me. I was shocked and told him to mind his language. He then told me that ‘main mote logon ko apne auto mein nahi bithata’. I was stunned by his behaviour,” Asmi told to a city newspaper.

When she asked the driver to stop so she could pick up her mother, he asked if she was as fat as her, and then told her to get off as she was slowing down the auto. However, she refused as she was getting late for her meeting. The auto driver then stopped and told her to get down.

“I threatened to report him to the police to which he told me to do whatever I want,” said Asmi. She got down and clicked a picture of his number plate as he drove off. Determined to track him down, Asmi also complained to the police. Asmi tweeted about the incident to the Mumbai Police’s Twitter handle. In response they asked her to contact the traffic police so that the errant auto driver can be traced and fined.

“They also informed me that if I go to the local police they could at least book him under some offence,” she said, adding, “It’s not that I want to see him punished but this discrimination has to stop. Today he said no to me as I was fat. Tomorrow it could be someone else. He can’t go on insulting people like this. I just want to teach him a lesson,” said Asmi.

Courtesy: Mumbai Mirror

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