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Hukka embers from Mojo’s Bistro led to Kamala Mills fire: Fire Department Report

Hukka embers from Mojo’s Bistro led to Kamala Mills fire: Fire Department Report
Hukka embers from Mojo's Bistro led to Kamala Mills fire: Fire Department Report

Fire department concluded that the blaze started due to embers from coal being prepared for hukka

A week after 14 people died in the tragic Kamala Mills blaze, Mumbai fire brigade department on Friday came out with their report concluding that flying embers from lighted charcoal used in illegal hookah at the Mojo’s Bistro probably led to the fire.

The fire department report further states that the source of the fire was from Mojo’s restaurant and not 1Above.

The report claims that the embers came in contact with the decorative curtains at the restaurant, which were combustible in nature, thus causing the fire to spread rapidly, fanned through a pedestal fan.

It also states that high-velocity winds and combustible decorative furniture spread the fire rapidly.

“It was revealed from most of the eye witnesses that hookah was served at Mojo’s restaurant at the time of fire. There is every possibility that during removal of lighted charcoal from the segree (stove) and or transferring it into Hookah or during the fanning of the charcoal the flying burning embers came in contact with the combustible curtains/decorative material nearby and started the fire,” the report stated.

The report has clarified that none of the two restaurants — Mojo’s and 1 Above — had permissions to serve liquor and hookah but still they served them.

Although there was an emergency exit, the pub staff seemed to be unaware of it. Beer kegs near the exit path also blocked the escape and the kegs eventually exploded and escalated the fire, the report said.

Most of the victims were trapped in the toilet of the pub and died of suffocation, the police had said earlier.

Mumbai municipal commissioner Ajoy Mehta said the action against illegal alterations and constructions at commercial establishments will continue.

“We will start taking action across the city against all commercial restaurants and pubs and those who have illegal alterations. They have respite for 15 days so that they have time to remove the illegal constructions on their own without damaging their reputation,” he said.

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