Jan Shatabdi drivers spot obstacle on track near Diva station, avert major mishap

Jan Shatabdi drivers spot obstacle on track near Diva station, avert major mishap
The 15 feet piece of rail track that was blocking the main track. Picture Courtesy: Rajendra B. Aklekar

The loco pilots of Jan Shatabdi Express averted a major mishap on Tuesday night after spotting an obstacle on the track near Diva station and halting the train in time.

The 12052 Jan Shatabdi Express, which plies on the Madgaon-Dadar route, was enroute Thane when the loco pilot Harendra Kumar and assistant loco pilot Harish Chinchole spotted an obstacle lying on the track.

Aware of the danger that lay ahead, the pilots quickly sprung to action and halted the train before it could make contact with the wheels.

Upon a closer inspection, Chinchole found that the obstacle was a 15 feet piece of rail track, positioned horizontally across the main track.

The piece, which weighed a few hundred kilos, was subsequently removed with the help of public. The train, meanwhile, remained stationary between 10:37 pm to 10:52 pm, before heading to Thane and eventually reaching Dadar.

A direct collision with the loose track could have led to a derailment and endangered the lives of passengers onboard the train. Fortunately, the quick action on the part of assistant loco and loco pilot helped avert a major mishap.

When contacted, a railway official said they are looking into how the rail piece made its way on the main track.

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