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Maharashtra RTO goes digital, launches new app

Maharashtra RTO goes digital, launches new app
Maharashtra RTO goes digital, launches new app

Screenshots from the official App

The Motor Vehicle Department of Maharashtra has launched a new app that provides citizens with access to pertinent information regarding RTO rules and regulations.

The app, called ‘MahaRTO’, was upgraded from the beta version and launched for the public on Tuesday. The app is developed by a third party vendor Orient Consultancy and is currently available on just Android.

With MahaRTO, motorists can access information regarding RTO rules, procedures, fees and forms realtime. Other than the informative aspect, it also allows users to take a mock learner’s test before taking the actual one at the RTO.

In addition, users can access detailed documentation regarding the application of learners or permanent license, renewal process, taxation charges etc. Users also have the option of selecting whether they would like to use the app in Marathi or English.

On the launch of MahaRTO, an official with the RTO department said, “We’ve just launched the first version of the app based on the feedback we had received. All the things that motorists would usually come to us and ask, we have tried to include in the app itself. Going forward, we will make the app more interactive and allow users to do more than just access information.”

The MahaRTO app can be downloaded from here.

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