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Man steals 3 cars from Andheri firm to take revenge

Man steals 3 cars from Andheri firm to take revenge
Man steals 3 cars from his own firm to take revenge

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Local press Co 5-point Snippet

1. The MIDC police arrested 36-year-old Uddhav Jadhav and his accomplice, Rohit Kadam for allegedly stealing three sedans from a car rental company in Andheri.

2. Uddhav worked as a supervisor in the company and claimed that he wanted to take revenge as the firm owed him Rs 1.20 lakh, which they didn’t seem willing to pay.

3. According to a TOI report, the company had once floated a scheme for its employees through which they could buy a car by paying Rs 60,000 and the rest of the money in instalments. Uddhav bought four cars and had planned to give them on rent to different companies. But due to some reason his plan didn’t work and he had to sell cars back to his company. For which the car rental company had to pay him Rs 1.20 lakh. But he never received the money, prompting him to commit the crime.

4. The accused took the help of one of the company drivers, Rohit, and asked him to drive off the cars from the parking lot, as Uddhav had the spare keys of the cars. The police have found that the first car was stolen in April and the other two in earlier this month.

5. While the duo got arrested, the cars were recovered from unidentified people in Gujarat, Matunga and Sewri to whom they were sold.

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