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Matunga police celebrate 83-year-old’s birthday in absence of her children

Matunga police celebrate 83-year-old’s birthday in absence of her children
Matunga police celebrate 83-year-old's birthday in absence of her children

Matunga Police team with Lalita Subramanyam

83-year-old Matunga resident Lalita Subramanyam was in for a pleasure surprise on Monday morning when a team of 25-odd police officials landed at her doorstep to celebrate her birthday.

Subramanyam, who is fondly referred to as ‘mummy’ by Matunga police station personnel, has been living alone in her flat for the last 25 years.

Her husband passed away 30 years ago due to ailments, and she is currently on the local police’s list of ‘senior citizens requiring care and protection’.

The octogenarian has three kids, two of whom live in the United States and one stays in Bengaluru. Since her children could not visit her personally on the occassion of her birthday, the Matunga police team decided to pay her a visit.

The officials, who help her with purchasing medicines, banking and others day to day chores on a regular basis, decided to surprise her on Monday morning, armed with a cake and bouquet of flowers.

Subramanyam cut the cake in the presence of Deputy Commissioner of Police Ashok Dudhe, who was the Zonal DCP of this area last year, and senior police inspector B. M. Kakad, along with a police constable who regularly calls her to check her well being.

An overwhelmed Subramanyam blessed the officers and treated them with a scrumptious lunch.

“She is like my mother…she was very happy with the birthday celebration,” said Kakad. “She said her children visited her a few times every year and were unable to come frequently,” he said.

The Mumbai police have a dedicated helpline (1090) where senior citizens living alone can call in case they need any help, or even if they feel lonely. The initiative, where police officials regularly meet the elderly living alone in their jurisdiction, was started by former Home Minister late R.R. Patil.

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