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Mumbai school introduces digital curriculum to tackle excess weight of school bags

Mumbai school introduces digital curriculum to reduce to tackle excess weight of school bags

Vibgyor School in Goregaon, Mumbai

In a bid to tackle the excess weight of school bags, Vibgyor High School has become the first city school to introduce a completely digital curriculum from the upcoming academic year.

At a time when most Mumbai based schools are deliberating over reducing the weight of student’s school bags per the Bombay HC order, Vibgyor High School has introduced their digital curriculum titled ‘VIDGET’ (Vibgyor Integrated Digital and Global Educational Tool).

To start of, the school will introduce the new curriculum for Class 5 students across it’s four school in the city. All 400 plus students Class 5 students will get their curriculum pre-loaded in a tablet.

Based on the success of it’s pilot batch, the school will introduce the curriculum in other cities and for higher grade students.

The tablet will contain subject information on all seven Class 5 subjects. In additional to textual information, it will provide interactive elements like audio, video, animation, gallery and more. But, with the introduction of a digital curriculum, the school isn’t missing the opportunity to improve the student’s writing skills. They will continue to give written assignments.

In addition to subject material, the tablets will also contain digital report cards and lesson plans. The school is also providing parents with an option to either buy the tablet from the school or purchase their own.

If the results from Vibgyor’s pilot batch are encouraging, other schools may follow suit and introduce a similar curriculum. But only if the Government adopts a digital curriculum for it’s schools, can we really see the nation’s first digital revolution in the field of education.

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