Mumbai traffic police can no longer ask you for your vehicle’s PUC certificate, insurance copy

Mumbai traffic police can no longer ask you for your vehicle's PUC certificate, insurance copy
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Following the implementation of e-challan system in the city, Mumbai traffic police has been ordered not to ask for PUC certificate, insurance copy among other documents from motorists to avoid disputes and maintain transparency.

The order, issued by Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Milind Bharambe, asks officials not to ask for any documents issued by RTOs until further notice.

The order was issued to Additional Commissioner of Police, all three Deputy Commissioners Of Police, Assistant Commissioners, Senior Police Inspectors and Inspectors in the city’s traffic department on March 10.

“The objective of implementing the e-challan system is to make motorists follow traffic rules, to bring discipline to the city’s traffic and to implement the cashless system. Despite this, the department is receiving complaints that officers and constables are not maintaining transparency during action,” the order reads.

“It has also been observed that even after conveying orders to all the officers of the department and constables, they are still asking motorists to produce PUC, Insurance, Green tax certificate and other documents issued by the RTO, leading to arguments between motorists and traffic police, and resulting in damaging the image of the department,” it adds.

It also instructs all senior police officers to inform their subordinates about not asking for such documents until further notice.

“Hence, senior police officers of the traffic department should intimate all the traffic police officers and constables that they should not be asking motorists to produce their vehicle’s PUC certificate, insurance and other documents issued by the RTO till further orders,” the order states.

According to an official from D.N Nagar traffic police, there have been instances where motorists have resorted to bribing officials to overlook minor offences.

While such instances have come down drastically since the implementation of e-challan system, it has led to more arguments between officials and motorists, who can no longer get away with minor violations.

“In the next few months, as citizens get used to the new system, arguments will also reduce. Till then, limiting the interaction between cops and motorists will surely help,” he added.

The move has also been lauded by motorists, who think it will help curb irregularities.

“In a lot of cases, officials ask for documents before informing the motorist about his or her violation. That way, if any document is found missing, the cop could club the fine and ask for a higher amount. This would inadvertently increase the chances of motorists offering to bribe the official instead of paying the fine,” said activist Arindam Chaubey.

“However, if the motorist knows that he only has to shell out money for an offence he or she committed, there is a higher possibility of them paying the fine,” he added.

Update: A copy of the actual notification is appended below for reference. Motorists can furnish the same to any traffic official who asks for documentation.

Mumbai traffic police can no longer ask you for your vehicle's PUC certificate, insurance copy 1
A copy of the order issued by Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Milind Bharambe

More information about Mumbai traffic police’s e-challan system can be found here.

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