Mumbai traffic police penalises car bearing MLA sticker after citizen’s complaint

Mumbai traffic police penalises car bearing MLA sticker after citizen's complaint
Picture Courtesy: Shruti P/Twitter

At a time when ‘tu jaanta hai main kaun hi?’ attitude is still prevalent in our society, Mumbai police set a shining example of indifference towards political clout by penalising a vehicle bearing an MLA sticker in Shivaji Park.

The incident took place on January 31, when a Toyota Fortuner with an MLA (Aamdaar) sticker was parked in a no-parking zone at Ranade Road at Shivaji Park in Dadar.

According to an eye-witness, the driver allegedly argued with the traffic official who asked him to move the vehicle and remained parked in the same spot.

The alert citizen subsequently took to Twitter and shared details about the offense with Mumbai Police’s official handle. “MLA happily parks in no parking zone. Driver threatens the Traffic Warden at Shivaji Park Ranade Road,” she tweeted.

While there was no update it on Thursday, Mumbai police responded to the tweet earlier today and informed the complainant about the action by sharing a copy of the challan.

The challan was issued by traffic police and carries a Rs 200 fine. It was unpaid at the time of posting.

The vehicle in question, meanwhile, is registered in the name of a private company – Valentine Properties Pvt. Ltd. The company has two directors listed on record, Sweety Reniwal and Sudha Agarwal, none of whom are elected representatives themselves.

Although it is possible for the owners to be related to an MLA, it is not known if he or she was travelling in the vehicle at the time.

Incidentally, while stickers like these are a common sight, the rules do not permit their use on personal vehicles.

Moreover, there have been dozens of cases in the past wherein people with absolutely no political connections have managed to get their hands on such stickers and used them to get out of paying toll or skipping queues.

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