Mumbai University to delay results because of Engineering paper scam

Mumbai University to delay results because of Engineering paper scam
Pictured: Mumbai University

Local Press Co 5-point Snippet

1. On May 20, Bhandup police arrested eight Mumbai University (MU) staffers for selling Engineering answer sheets to students, unearthing a major scam involving over 90 students.

2. Post the incident, the university transferred or replaced 69 of its staff members, 59 working on contract and 10 permanent ones, who were a part of the centralized assessment process.

3. The shuffling of staff and investigation of the scam is likely to cause a delay in the announcement of results of other departments since all of them have come under the scanner after the scam. MU registrar, MA Khan told Hindustan Times, “The assessment of answer papers for all faculties has been affected because of the transfer of employees. The results of all departments may be delayed by a week.”

4. He also added, “The assessment is going on and the aim is to announce the results on time. However, the results for some branches of engineering might be delayed. We are trying to avoid delays. Even if the process gets delayed, it’ll not be more than a week or so.”

5. While the police are investigating the scam, an inquiry by the varsity revealed that 31 answer sheets, mostly of applied mathematics, are also missing. Last week, MU vice-Chancellor Sanjay Deshmukh, admitted to the media that involvement of more MU staffers is suspected in the answer sheet scam.

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