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Mumbaikars may have to start paying e-challans from October 1

Mumbaikars may have to start paying e-challans from October 1
Mumbaikars may have to start paying e-challans from October 1

Screengrab from Maharashtra police website

In the wake of the tragic demise of traffic constable Vilas Shinde, authorities are trying to fasten the implementation of the e-challan system, which would drastically limit the interaction between cops and motorists.

Two weeks back, Shinde was attacked by a motorist and his brother after being asked to produce his license. The constable was badly injured during the altercation and succumbed to his injuries on Wednesday.

“Following Shinde’s death, higher-ups have asked us not to argue with motorists. We have been told that the work on the e-challan system is on in full swing and expected to complete by end of this month,” said a senior traffic official from Kurla.

The e-challan system, which is tentatively set to become operational from the start of the next month, will make the process seamless and not require traffic police personnel to stop the motorist for the purpose of fining them.

Once implemented, it will reduce the manpower required for ‘fining’ motorists and help decongest traffic, as traffic cops often have to ask motorists to stop on the side of the road to explain the offence and hand over the receipt.

The areas that will benefit the most from de-congestion will be the ones where there are maximum number of traffic violations, like JJ flyover signal, Crawford Market, Colaba, Lamington Road, Dadar TT, Chembur Naka, Kurla, Bhandup Sonapur and Dharavi.

Mumbai’s e-challan system is modeled on the one implemented in Hyderabad, wherein cops have handheld devices that are interconnected with the main servers and the city’s CCTV cameras. Violators will be caught on camera and cops will trace the vehicle’s owner and direct the challan to his registered address. If a traffic cop has to stop a motorist, he will only do so to handover a receipt and not argue.

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