Pay Rs 500 fine if caught spitting at Mumbai’s railway stations

Pay Rs 500 fine if caught spitting at Mumbai's railway stations
Image Courtesy: Deccan Chronicles

Local Press Co 5-point Snippet

1. Last week, Western Railways passed a resolution wherein stationmasters were required to catch a minimum number of commuters who violated railway norms each day.

2. According to the resolution, the stationmasters of the 4 most crowded WR stations – Dadar, Bandra, Andheri and Borivali – were given a target of catching at least 10 commuters each day, whereas the stationmasters of the remaining 27 WR stations were given a target of 5 per day.

3. Moreover, in a bid to keep Mumbai’s railway stations clean, those caught spitting or littering at railway station will now be fined Rs 500. This new order and fine comes into effect from Monday.

4. If a stationmaster of a particular station fails to meet the target, the entire station staff will be held responsible for it.

5. WR currently spends over Rs 3.5 crore on cleanliness and maintenance of stations each year. Officials believe that the new order will help them recover some of that money and make passengers aware of their responsibility towards the station’s maintenance.

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