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Politicians collude to sack ‘honest’ NMMC chief Tukaram Mundhe, pass no-confidence motion

Politicians collude to sack ‘honest’ NMMC chief Tukaram Mundhe, pass no-confidence motion
Politicians collude to sack 'honest' NMMC chief Tukaram Mundhe, pass no-confidence motion

NMMC chief Tukaram Mundhe

Despite strong opposition from residents, Corporators across party lines managed to pass a no-confidence motion against Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation Commissioner Tukaram Mundhe for his alleged ‘undemocratic’ functioning in a special general body meeting of the NCP-ruled civic body on Tuesday.

The no-confidence motion, proposed by the NCP, Shiv Sena and Congress, was passed 105-6. Only 6 members of BJP out of the total 111, opposed the motion.

The final decision of removing Mundhe from his post as NMMC chief will be taken by Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, who can either accept or reject the motion.

This is the first time in 26 years, since the formation of the NMMC, that a no-confidence motion has been demanded by political parties against the Civic Chief by members of the standing committee.

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Mundhe was lauded by city residents for taking stern action against hawkers, encroachers and illegal constructions. His actions, however, did not go down well with Corporators, many of whom allegedly had vested interests.

Before passing the motion, political parties had accused Mundhe of acting in an authoritarian manner, not respecting their elected representatives and taking arbitrary decisions.

Since the motion, introduced by NCP house leader Jaywant Sutar and seconded by the Sena’s standing committee chairman Shivram Patil, was called, social media has been flooded with messages to save the IAS officer from being transferred.

“I support #SaveTukaram campaign and appeal everyone for support because officers must be more powerful than corrupted politicians!,” read one of the messages.

To oppose the civic body’s motion, residents of Navi Mumbai even joined a ‘Walk for the Commissioner’ past Sunday morning from Vashi railway station to Shivaji Chowk in Vashi. Social workers and RTI activists, along with other eminent citizens joined in the silent march to show solidarity towards Mundhe.

The march witnessed a huge participation, with many displaying placards supporting Mundhe and applauding his good work for the city in a short span of time.

In anticipation of a possible unrest, police had to invoke IPC section 144 in a 100 m area around the headquarters to ban all public gatherings in the area.

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