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Python slithers into Dharavi Bus Depot, rescued

Python slithers into Dharavi Bus Depot, rescued
Python slithers into Dharavi Bus Depot, rescued

Picture Courtesy: Pravin Shetra

Over the years, the city’s rapid development has had a drastic impact on the natural habitat of practically every other species that lives around us, including snakes.

While a snake sighting isn’t exactly unheard of, even in a densely populated and industrialized city like Mumbai, it is more than enough to cause panic in a crowded area or give someone a major scare.

Fortunately, that wasn’t the case today morning when BEST employees discovered a Python at Dharavi Bus Depot in Kala Qila, Dharavi.

Dharavi Bus Depot is located on the opposite side of Maharashtra Nature Park, a 37 acre green patch which houses a variety of animal life.

The park’s massive Mangroves’ expanse is home to many species of snakes like the Russell’s viper, Python, Rat snake, Cobra, Green vine among others.

The Python found at the depot is believed to have come from the nature park.

Following the sighting, the BEST officials alerted snake rescuers at SarpMitra, who arrived at the spot and rescued the reptile.

No one was injured or attacked by the snake.

Pythons are called ‘ambush predators’, implying that they typically remain motionless in a camouflaged position, and then strike suddenly at passing prey. They generally do not attack humans unless startled or provoked.

Python slithers into Dharavi Bus Depot, rescued 1

Picture Courtesy: Pravin Shetra

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