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UberPOOL has helped save 9 lakh litres of fuel in Mumbai

UberPOOL has helped save 9 lakh litres of fuel in Mumbai
UberPOOL has helped save 9 lakh litres of fuel in Mumbai

Uber had launched the ride sharing service in Mumbai a year back. Picture Courtesy: Uber Blog

On the occassion of World Environment Day, global app-based cab aggregator, Uber, has claimed to have helped Mumbai save over 9 lakh litres of fuel with its ride sharing service – uberPOOL.

The San Francisco-based company had launched uberPOOL in Mumbai exactly one year back with the intention of reducing the number of individual rides, which in effect would translate to less fuel consumption and low carbon emissions.

In a blog post published on Sunday night, the company revealed some figures highlighting the impact that the service has had on the city and its commuters.

“One year ago, we took a step forward and launched uberPOOL in Mumbai on World Environment Day with the vision to move more people in fewer cars. Today, as we mark one year of uberPOOL, we’re excited to share the early-stage impact we’ve made together,” the post read.

The company has claimed that in the one year period, uberPOOL has helped Mumbai save 9.36 lakh litres of fuel and cut down carbon emissions by a staggering 2,622 metric tonnes.

In addition, a total of 1.4 crore kilometers have been covered by users who have opted for uberPOOL, an option that has turned out to be roughly 50 percent cheaper than uberGO.

“Not only has uberPOOL been up to 50 percent cheaper than uberGO, but it has also helped reduce 2,622 metric tonnes of carbon emissions — making it the best option for people’s wallets and our city,” it added.

Among the six cities where the cab sharing service is currently active – which also includes Bengaluru, Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune, and Kolkata – Mumbai has witnessed the highest percentage of shared rides (around 30 percent of all rides).

To mark the occassion, Uber is offering its users a chance to win a week’s worth of free uberPOOL rides.

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