UK parkour group detained, deported for performing stunts on Mumbai building rooftop

UK parkour group detained, deported for performing stunts on Mumbai building rooftop
The members of ‘Storror’ allegedly violated visa rules by performing stunts on the rooftop of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar society in Dadar (Picture Courtesy: Abhishek Mitra)

A day after the video of parkour athletes jumping from the terrace of one building to another went viral on social media, Mumbai police apprehended them and sent them back to the UK.

The London-based athlete group ‘Storror’ were in Mumbai as a part of their India tour. They were scheduled to perform at NSCI Club on December 2 and return to the UK on December 3.

The seven-member group, known for their parkour skills and a legion of social media followers, first tried performing deadly stunts on the terrace of a building at Ram Shyam Co-operative Housing society in Dadar on Sunday.

The group, seemingly unhappy with the challenge posed by the seven-storey building, started scouting for taller structures in the vicinity and landed at Dadar’s Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar society on Monday afternoon.

The members managed to enter the terrace of the 14-storey building with ease and residents remained oblivious to their presence. By the time they learned that the group had been performing stunts on the building’s terrace, the group had exited.

In the video, one of the members can be seen jumping from the roof of one building to the other without any safety equipment or harness. The video went viral in no time.

After residents informed Dadar police about the incident, the special branch of Mumbai Police was alerted. The group was reportedly traced to a parkour event at Bandra fort on Tuesday evening and subsequently detained for questioning.

Of the seven members, six were sent back to London via the next available flight for violating the tourist visa rules.

“They have broken certain rules of tourist visa, wherein by performing such stunt, they have endangered the life of themselves and others, so necessary cognisance was taken and the group was sent back,” senior police inspector Diwakar Shelke from Dadar police station told The Indian Express.

The event at NSCI Club has also been cancelled.

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